Welcome to Orientale Dance  with Ma*Shuqa Mira Murjan

International Performer and Instructor - The Professional Difference - Elegance of Style

*An Accomplished Performer and Instructor

Ma*Shuqa's dance style and teaching repertoire reflect years of study evident in her dazzling performances to Egyptian, Greek, Arabic, Turkish, Armenian, Moroccan, Persian, and Lebanese music.  A comment often heard from her audiences in Cairo, Germany, and Athens; "She understands our music and our culture...in her dancing, we see the expression of joy and emotions of our culture."

Ma*Shuqa's Boutique and Bellydance Studio

Ma*Shuqa Mira Murjan, Instructor and Performer

Reel Sound and Light Productions

Carl Sermon, Performance Photographer, Audio/Video Engineer

15651 Camino Del Cerro (at Edmund), Los Gatos, California, USA 95032-3721

(located one hour South of San Francisco, off highways 85 and 880/17)

Tel 1(408) 356-9473  MaShuqaDancer@gmail.com , reel.sound.@comcast.net

Bellydance Studio, Costume Boutique (Egyptian, Turkish, DVDs, CDs, Veils, Finger Cymbals, Gypsy Skirts, Assuit, Hip Sashes, Velvet clothing)

Carl Sermon Photography Studio, Audio/Video Production

Ma*Shuqa's Workshop Topics-

See "Classes and Fees" page for Bellydance Studio Workshops with Ma* Shuqa,  also Workshop Topics and Content

Contact Ma*Shuqa M. Murjan for Workshop and Performances 1 (408) 356-9473, MaShuqaDancer@gmail.com, Ma_Shuqa@hotmail.com or Reel.Sound@comcast.net

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