Ma*Shuqa's Isis Wings Workshop, November, 2015 in Tokyo, Japan

Ma*Shuqa's Workshop includes Dance Movement and Performance Techniques and Tips and includes:  how to wear Isis Wings, important technique tips from: poses to posture, to movement, to timing and spins, music selection and recommendations, Isis Wing dance movement techniques. With special technique tips on what not to do with Isis wings, instruction to remove Isis wings during performance, advice on storing and transporting Isis wings, and discusses the performance aspects and photographs with Isis Wings.   Ma*Shuqa teaches Isis Wings to a 10/8 Samai Thaqil rhythm.

Ma*Shuqa first performed with her own custom-made quilted-style golden Isis Wings portraying the Goddess Isis in Egyptian artifacts.  Ma*Shuqa danced for a special event at the Rosicrucian Museum in San Jose, California - beginning her performance emerging from the replica of King Tut's Tomb at the museum. Although the fabric and current style of Isis Wings has changed and the wings are lighter and larger – the movement and technique remain the same.

For more information contact Ma*Shuqa at (408) 356-9473 or email