Diva Dancer Professional Development

 Intensive Retreat

Friday - Sunday, June 22, 23, 24, 2018

Ma*Shuqa Mira Murjan and Carl Sermon Photography

our studio - 15651 Camino Del Cerro, Los Gatos, CA USA 95032

An intimate retreat for intensive, personal professional dance development plus opportunity to perform in a professional restaurant setting and have your performance photographed. 

Participation limited to only 6 dancers to create a more personalized experience with Ma*Shuqa

(See below - Ma*Shuqa offers 1 free Scholarship - have your friends nominate you)

“Perfect Your Inner Diva! Take away practical and useful information that will enhance your dancing and increase your enjoyment.

Retreat Highlights:

M a*Shuqa shares SIGNATURE DANCE SECRETS and her Ma*Shuqa Method

Ø     Learn about core strength, performance posture, and projection, and portraying personal energy character, and style.

Ø      Discover the Ma*Shuqa Method to stylize dance steps, movement, and performance styling.

Ø     Middle Eastern Rhythms - dance, zils, drums & frame drums.

Ø     Arabic Maqams - structure, sound modulations, key melodic notes

Ø      Ma*Shuq1a Methodology for instantly analyzing music

Ø     Choreography for a classic song with movement combinations, dance styling, and finger cymbals

Ø      Tarab and Taxim: musicality, structure, and dance styling

Ø      Drum Solo Structure, Rhythms, and Riffs and Live drum solo dance tips

Ø      Qaflas and Finales - rhythms, structure, and performance

Ø     Dance notes and handouts with structure & options for performnance

Ø 3 Performance Opportunities: Friday Retreat Welcome Party, Saturday at a Middle Eastern Restaurant, and Sunday at the Retreat Hafla with Drum Circle

Ø      Personal Dance Assessment and career/learning goal setting

Ø      Gourmet snacks, lunches, and dinners catered by Chef Carl

Ø      All transportation provided (no need to rent a car).

Ø      Free gift of performance video and still images from Carl Sermon Photography

Ma*Shuqa’s & Carl’s personal touch in our private dance and photography studio

 a safe, beautiful, and nurturing setting for all levels of dancers

 with performing tips, discussions, and sharing dance career experiences and plans.

Dance, laugh, and bond with your dance sisters...JOIN US TODAY! 





 Hidden Garden Oasis Dance GREENHOUSE STUDIO










 $450/person (Early Bird $350 paid by April 1, 2018)

Note fee includes B&B stay in the dance studio

 (Late bird: $400 paid by June 1, 2018)

A few more spaces available in this year's retreat.

$100 deposit reserves your spot - only 6 dancers!

  Fee includes: airport pickup, transportation to and from hotel,

 dance classes, lunches plus snacks, all dinners at the studio

 and the Al Masri Restaurant dinner, and a complementary photo. 

 (Fee does not include airfare, hotel, or beverages & tips at Al Masri Restaurant)

Ask about the Time Payment plan!

                 Diva Dancer Professional Development Intensive RETREAT LOCATION:

Ma*Shuqa and Carl Sermon’s

Hidden Garden Oasis Dance and Photography Studio

15651 Camino Del Cerro, Los Gatos, CA 95032

PH: 1 (408) 356-9473

Share Penthouse accommodation at the Marriott Residence Inn



Friday, June 22rd….ARRIVAL DAY and Welcome Dinner

  • Airport pick-up from San Jose airport.   
  • Private lessons scheduled in afternoon for Diva Dance Intensive Retreat participants may be booked for those arriving early in the day.
  •         6  pm    Orientation and Welcome Dinner at Ma*Shuqa and Carl’s Studio
  •       After Dinner Hafla Party


Saturday, June 23th….CLASSES, Lunch, Dinner and Performance

       Breakfast at the studio

       9:30 am  Dancer Assessment & Goal Setting

       10 am      Ma*Shuqa Method Dance Class: Dance Step Styling and Improvisation

       Noon        Lunch in the Garden & Dance Discussion & Sharing Time…

     1 pm        Musicality and Rhythms – Secrets to Improvisation  - bring your zils

       3:00 pm   Stage Make-up   - professional make up skills for the stage performer. Bring your own make up, eyelashes, and a very red lipstick!           

       4:00 pm   Get ready to dance

       5:30 pm   Carpool travel to San Francisco for Dinner and Performances at Al Masri Egyptian Restaurant.

Sunday, June 24th…CLASSES: Dance, Costuming, & Hafla

       Breakfast in the Garden

       9:30 am     Warm up & Yoga

       10 am         Ma*Shuqa Dance Class – Tarab and Taqasim

       Noon           Lunch & See your Dance Images from Al Masri Restaurant

       1 pm           Musicality, Choreography to Classical Raqs Sharqi piece

  • 2pm       Presentation: Author Donna Carlton "Looking for Little Egypt"

       5pm           Ma*Shuqa teaches Diva Performance Secrets

       6 pm           BBQ Dinner catered by Chef Carl

       7 pm            Dance Your Passion Hafla


 Monday, June 25th…Fond Farewells and DEPARTURE DAY

Ø      Transportation to departing flights from San Jose airport.


Retreat Dates for 2019 - August 10, 11, 12, 2019

For more information and application form - email  MaShuqaDancer@gmail.com


 Application for (Page One)

Diva Dancer Professional Development Intensive Retreat, June 22, 23, 24, 2018

With Ma*Shuqa Mira Murjan and Carl Sermon PhotographyI wish to enroll in the 3-day/30 hour Diva Dancer Professional Development Intensive Retreat, June 22-24, 2018

in Los Gatos, California.


Dancer Name: __________________________________________________________________________

                                    Full Name                                                       Nickname/Dance Name

Address: ______________________________________________________________________________________                        Street                                                                           City            State                           Zipcode

 Telephone: _____________________________________________________________________________________

Home                                            Cell                                          Email

Emergency Contact Information:

Name & Relationship: _____________________________________________________________________

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Address: ______________________________________________________________________________________                        Street                                                                           City            State                           Zipcode

 Telephone: _____________________________________________________________________________________

Home                                            Cell                                          Email

 Please describe any allergies, food and diet preferences, and/or health conditions:





Diva Dancer Professional Development Intensive Retreat with Ma*Shuqa Mira Murjan

Friday – Sunday, June 23, 24, 25,2017 Los Gatos, California, USA

o       COST:  $450. per dancer enrolled in the DDPDIR, Enrollment limited 10- students. (30 hours of instruction, 3 performance opportunities)  See page 3 INFORMATION SHEET for all details, activities, transportation, and meals included in the fee.  EARLY BIRD FEE $350 paid by April 1, 2018. LATE BIRD FEE $400 paid by June 1, 2018

o       $100. Non-refundable deposit (deposit transferrable), (payable by check or credit card – (408) 356-9473

 Or Date/Time/Telephone for best time to call for credit card information _________________

o       Checks payable to: Reel Sound and Light Productions            Check # ________________

o       Mail to:  15651 Camino Del Cerro, Los  Gatos, CA 95032-3721  MaShuqaDancer@gmail.com

o       $450(or $350 Early Bird paid by April 1, 2018, $400 Late Bird paid by June 1, 2018 tuition balance paid 10 days in advance - by June 14, 2018 (payable by check or credit card)

The Diva Dancer Professional Development Intensive Retreat (DDPDIR) promises to be both a fun and challenging learning experience that includes self-assessment exercises, dance study, practice homework, and videos. DDPDIR will include documentary and exceptional performance videos of American and Middle Eastern dancers of renown. A notebook of instructional notes is provided in addition to homework assignments for continuing guided study.  www.MaShuqa.com for instructor information and Retreat Schedule.

(Please return this application and deposit check)

Dance Student/Performer Liability Release Form (Page Two)

Dance Study with Ma*Shuqa Mira Murjan at: 15651 Camino Del Cerro, Los Gatos, CA 95032

And/or in transit to and from dance performance events with Reel Sound and Light Productions(408) 356-9473  MaShuqaDancer@gmail.com   www.MaShuqa.com

(Please complete all areas)                                        Date: _____________________________

For an in consideration of my engagement as a dance student/performer of Ma*Shuqa Mira Murjan of Reel Sound and Light Productions, hereinafter referred to as the teacher and RSL Productions, and based on terms hereinafter stated.I hereby give the teacher and RSL Productions, her legal representatives and/or those assigned, those for whom the teacher is acting, and those acting with her permission, or her employees, hold harmless the teacher for work to learn dance performed at this address, or performance at other dance venues in the company of this teacher and RSL Productions, and in transit to and from this dance studio site.

I hereby waive any right to sue the teacher and RSL Productions and I hereby release, discharge and agree to hold harmless the teacher, RSL Productions, her representatives and/or those assigned, employees or any person or persons, corporation or corporations, acting under her permission or authority, or any person, persons, corporation or corporations, for whom she might be acting, including any involved, in whole or in part, from and against any liability as a result of any work involved learning or in performing this dance on the premises or at other dance venues in the company of this teacher and RSL Productions.

I have read the foregoing release, authorization and agreement, before affixing my signature below, and warrant that I fully understand the contents thereof.


(Print Name)                              (Legal Name Signature and Date)   (Professional Dance Name)   

Email address: ___________________________________________  I wish to receive dance news:   Yes __

Address: ______________________________________________________________________________________                        Street                                                                           City            State                           Zipcode

Telephone: _____________________________________________________________________________________

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Vehicle Color/Make/Type: _________________________________Year____ Vehicle License ___________

Emergency Contact: _________________________________________________________

                                    (Print Name)                                    (Relation)                   (Telephone)           

Address: ____________________________________________________________________________________                        Street                                                                           City            State                           Zipcode

Initials _________  I hereby certify that I, as the dancer engaged in dance lessons and/or performance with Ma*Shuqa and RSL Productions, carry my own liability insurance and will cover any and all personal injury and/or illness that may result from learning dance at this studio location and/or in transit to and from dance performance events.

Initials _________  I understand that dependent upon my physical condition, I may experience muscle and/or joint soreness as a result of taking dance classes and/or performing with Ma*Shuqa. 

Initials _________  I hereby certify that I am competent to sign a liability waiver in so far as the above information is concerned.  

(Please return this form with your application)


Diva Dancer Professional Development Intensive Retreat with Ma*Shuqa Mira Murjan

Friday – Sunday, June 22, 23, 24, 2018

Los Gatos, California, USA

The DDPDIR classes will be held in Ma*Shuqa and Carl’s beautiful private Egyptian/Moroccan themed greenhouse dance/photography studio in Los Gatos, California replete with oriental rugs, mirrors, and air-conditioning. Also enjoy relaxing in a safe and welcoming environment of a verdant garden oasis with Egyptian papyrus and al fresco dining California-style amidst a grove of towering California redwood trees. Los Gatos is set against the beautiful green Santa Cruz Mountains near Silicon Valley and minutes from San Jose International airport.


·         DDPDIR includes 3-6 hours of workshop class, discussions, and presentations each day, 30 total hours of study and performance time –( See DDPDIR Schedule at www.MaShuqa.com)

·         Classes include: warm-up/cool down, posture, dance instruction,  cultural roots of Raqs Sharqi/Oriental Dance, Middle Eastern rhythms and music, finger cymbal instruction, costuming and dance style review

·         DDPDIR tuition includes: class notebook with Ma*Shuqa’s instructional handouts, workshop certificate, gift of performance images, and DDPDIR class photo.


·         Comfortable exercise and/or dancewear: lycra pants, leotards, tank tops (Dancewear available for purchase)

·          Dance shoes (or barefoot on cork floor and Persian rugs)

·         Costumes and veils (some costumes available for purchase)


  1. 3 changes of dancewear,  hip sash, dance shoes (or barefoot)
  2. Finger cymbals, drum, frame drum or tambourine (drums and riqs may be borrowed for those flying in)
  3. Veils – rectangular and circular
  4. 3 costumes, a costume cover-up – Egyptian restaurant in San Francisco, Retreat Hafla, Welcome Party hafla
  5. Make-up for performance, especially dark lipstick color, eye shadow, eyelashes and eyelash glue
  6. Comfortable California casual style clothing and shoes, evening dress for Al Masri dinner
  7. August summer evenings may be chilly – bring a light sweater or wrap (typical weather: morning fog, afternoon sun, 65 – 95 degrees temperature range – the studio is air-conditioned). Evening wear for Al Masri show.
  8. Bring your recorder, notebook, camera.  (Retreat folder, notes, & pen provided)
  9. Will I need any additional money? – Diva Dancer Professional Development Intensive Retreat is all inclusive and includes: (transportation between San Jose airport (SJC) and our DDPDIR hotel, studio and hotel, hotel and Al Masri Restaurant, lunches, snacks, and dinners at the Studio, and Al Masri dinner included, all Ma*Shuqa Method Professional Development Intensive Retreat handouts, a professional image of your choice from your performance at Al Masri Egyptian Restaurant).

What is not included in the Diva Dancer Intensive Retreat fee? – airfare transportation to San Jose International airport (SJC), shuttle to and from San Francisco International Airport (SFO) – if this is your preferred airport, transportation to hotels other than the DDPDIR hotel or other accommodations, shared hotel expenses – for room, additional room charges, drinks and alcohol + tips at Al Masri Restaurant, or any costuming purchased from Ma*Shuqa).

10. Bring any personal special needs items:  medication, dietary supplements required.  We will provide gluten-free snacks, filtered-water, and menus catering to special dietary requirements.


Free Scholarship valued at $450 to attend Ma*Shuqa’s  2018 Diva Professional Development Intensive Retreat

Between January 1, 2018 and March 1st – ask your friends to send an email to MaShuqaDancer@gmail.com to nominate you for the free scholarship.  Please also send a personal statement providing your dance background, experience, and reason why you are a good candidate for the Scholarship.

Nominations via email should include: your name, dance name, email address and contact information, and reason for the nomination.

The nominations close on March 1st, 2018 5pm PST.

Ma*Shuqa will select the scholarship winner and notify them of their selection.

See complete Diva Professional Development Intensive Retreat information above.

Review of Diva Dancer Intensive Retreat
Camellia Sinensis
July 3, 2016

Behind a wooden gate in Los Gatos, CA is an enchanted redwood grove where the wind wafts the sweet fragrance of magnolia blossoms and plays whimsical, melodious chimes. A meandering path leads to studio nestled amid the trees; a world apart with exotic tapestries and music that catches your soul in its spell. This is where the magic happens; where women learn the secrets of music and movement in MaShuqa’s annual intensive dance retreat. We gathered here for a weekend of learning, sharing, laughter, and bellydance.

The high priestess of these transformative rites is none other than Ma*Shuqa Mira Murjan, Ma*Shuqa has spent over 40 years immersed in the art of bellydance. In her journey, she has not only achieved international fame as a master teacher and performer, but she has also collected a wealth of knowledge about this art form. Ma*Shuqa answers every question with a very informed answer and sprinkles her informal lectures with enlightening anecdotes drawn from years of personal experience. Even Ma*Shuqa’s warm-up stretches reflect her encyclopedic knowledge: an eclectic and highly effective collage of Zar movement, observations of other renowned dancers, Tai chi, and modified yoga. I can personally attest that I’ve never had a more satisfying warm-up; my body was so grateful!

Ma*Shuqa’s philosophy is to enable her students to develop their own personal style based on a foundation of musical structure. She is attune to the physicality of how dance movement works with a dancer’s body and natural flow, which both cultivates individuality and helps avoid injury. She expanded our repertoire of movement with various traveling steps and combinations, as well as some Egyptian stylization techniques she observed in classic dancers such as Mona Said, Sohair Zaki, Lucy, and Nagwa Fouad. She showed us many possible variations of the movements and then turned up the music, allowing us to apply our new dance vocabulary while exploring our own improvisational flair. This pedagogical technique results in an authentic expression rather than pantomime of another dancer.

To provide a framework for our improvisation, Ma*Shuqa instructed us about Arabic instrumentation, structure, and rhythms. Ma*Shuqa has a unique gift for analyzing music and codifying it for her students, including a simple method of learning and capturing the structure of drum solo riffs. As we learned this method, students with decades of dance experience excitedly exclaimed, “I’ve never heard rhythms explained so clearly and simply before!”

Using these techniques, Ma*Shuqa magically de-mystified the drum solo, making this sometimes intimidating aspect of the dance much more approachable. Our ears were opened to patterns in new ways, and with the Ma*Shuqa method, we are able to notate easily notate rhythms that we heard. Ma*Shuqa also reviewed various rhythms, which we internalized by singing or playing with our zills. Soon, our zills were resounding with newfound confidence!
We also learned practical tips for creating a memorable performance, including staging, costuming, and even makeup tips. With Ma*Shuqa’s help, even false eyelashes, the bane of a bellydancer’s existence, become manageable! We were able to apply our newfound skills Saturday night, when we performed at Al Masri Egyptian Restaurant in San Francisco. We sent zahgreets and cheers aloft while watching each student perform and enjoying a delicious dinner in this charming venue. It was evident that each dancer expressed a unique and authentic style; a tribute to Ma*Shuqa’s philosophy of helping students create their own signature performance to captivate the audience.

Behind the scenes, throughout the weekend retreat, Ma*Shuqa’s husband Carl took care of logistics and tended to our every need. He provided transportation to and from the airport, our hotels, and Al Masri restaurant. He was also our personal chef, crafting incredibly delicious meals and keeping snacks and even custom smoothies close at hand. During delectable feasts in the shade of the redwoods, happiness and stories flowed across the table like the wine. Carl also took photos and videos of our student performance at Al Masri. His stunning images captured the moment perfectly, a fabulous souvenir to take with us.

Whether you are a beginner or advanced dancer, Ma*Shuqa’s retreat provides valuable insights into musicality and your own individuality. Ma*Shuqa addresses a great variety of topics supplemented by well-organized handouts for later reference. Participants are asked in advance what topics are of particular interest, so the curriculum is customizable. The intimate studio setting provides ample opportunity for questions. There is just the right balance of lecture style, dance movement, and open improvisation to music from Ma*Shuqa’s vast CD collection. The garden setting is idyllic and the hospitality of the hosts is unparalleled.

At the end of the weekend retreat, we crossed the threshold of that magical garden gate once more with our hearts, minds, and bellies full. More importantly, our feet were no longer walking, but dancing.

  • I've been taking dance classes for a long time, yet I learned so much information that "pulls this dance together" as a performance art form.
  • Wow, at this retreat I realized that my body and movement styling is different from my teachers. Ma*Shuqa's instruction gave me feedback about my own personal movement styling - and with her Ma*Shuqa Method - I feel released from the difficulties I encountered in attempting to fit my personal movement style into the dance troupe structured movement styling.  Now I can experience this dance in a different way and feel re-energized to enjoy dancing even more.
  • It was incredible to watch our performances on video and see the difference in our movement styling and musical interpretation as a result of what we learned in the Intensive Retreat with Ma*Shuqa.

Article by Beth "Bethsheba" Hunning - 2015 Diva Retreat attendee

o learn. Diva Intensive Retreat 2015 with Ma*Shuqa Mira Murjan and Carl Sermon

By Bethsheba Hunning

“Nailed it!” I exclaimed as I watched the video of my performance
on the big screen in Ma*Shuqa Mira Murjan’s beautiful and
comfortable new dance studio, surrounded by other dancers who
participated in her weekend dance retreat. “I didn’t realize I had
done that move and how graceful my movements all flowed
together”, exclaimed another dancer. “Wow, you were
spectacular!” “Look at how she plays to the audience!” “What
confidence!” “You mean she had never even heard the music
before?” These were our reactions as we watched the videos of
each others’ improvisational performances from Saturday
evening’s show that we performed at Al Masri Egyptian
Restaurant in San Francisco, CA.

The evening at Al Masri was our opportunity to put into practice
what we were all absorbing from our weekend retreat with
Ma*Shuqa and her supportive husband, chef, and master
photographer, Carl Sermon. The weekend’s program was
designed as both an intensive instructional experience in a retreat
format and setting. Their well-equipped, airy studio in a garden
setting is spacious and comfortable with separate areas for both
movement and relaxation. It was the perfect get-away, yet
accessible to the San Francisco Bay Area and major airports.

We were pampered and cared for all weekend - Carl and
Ma*Shuqa catered to our every need. Delicious multi-course
meals were served family style in the garden where we relaxed
under the canopy of redwood trees. The weekend culminated
with a barbecue followed by chocolate dessert in the studio, as
we watched our videos and said our goodbyes to new and familiar

Brought together by our passion for Middle Eastern music and
dance; the weekend program was intensive, but not too intense.
It was an immersion opportunity to spend a weekend focusing on
dance and music and think of nothing but building our knowledge
of the music and its structure, and improving our dance skills and
performance techniques. We gathered early afternoon on Friday
where we reviewed the schedule and topics to be covered over
the course of the next 2-1/2 days and evenings, got to know each
other, sharing our dance experience, our interests, and what we
hoped to gain from the retreat.

Ma*Shuqa equipped each of us with a “goodie bag” that included
supplies that we would need for the weekend and a binder into
which we would build our notebooks from her handouts that
supported her instruction. We reviewed body posture that would
help us present our movements while keeping our bodies safe
from injury. Between movements, we did relaxation exercises
where she tipped us off to her tools and tricks for relieving muscle
tightness and soreness, one being as simple as two inflated balls
on which to roll and tap tight areas – which she presented to each
of us as gifts.

Ma*Shuqa used modified movements from the Egyptian Zar
dance as a warm up for major muscles, joints, and torso that
encouraged us to connect with our core energy and connect all
dance movements with fluid undulations. Once we engaged our
bodies in a warm-up with movements from the Zar dance, we
were ready to hit the dance floor.

I learned that Ma*Shuqa’s education includes doctoral studies in
instruction and curriculum and development. As a result, her
Ma*Shuqa Method is an instructional framework and
methodology to assist dancers to understand their personal
movement and body logic. She developed her instruction with the
purpose of teaching dancers through the use of a structured
format to both analyze their personal body movement styling,
then capitalize on this individual uniqueness to create a
personalized dance signature. Her instructional technique was
designed to flow from the Zar warm up as we all experienced our
own personal differences in simple and basic weight transfers and
changes. It was fun to hear dancers who have been studying
dancing for many years suddenly discover and appreciate their
unique body flow and movement styling. We began to understand
why we found some movements more challenging to learn or
how our steps and movement differed from our long time
teachers because their teachers have a diametrically different
movement style.

An intensive study retreat indeed – an experience that truly fed
our dance souls with everything we needed to continue on our
dance journeys to enjoy and develop our dancing. It seems that
every minute was packed with information, Q and A, and a
wondrous never-ending supply of food, snacks and even custom-
made smoothies served in our own personal souvenir drink cups.
The retreat weekend was a blur that included so much:
information on maqams and the structure of Arabic music and
those embellishments, and musicality, rhythms, sagaat technique

and patterns, we even “sang” and played drum solo riffs on our
finger cymbals; and even a choreography to Wahshany Beledi
complete with movement, finger cymbal patterns, and rhythms.
Wow, we even had time to whirl with veils and try our hands at
dancing improvisationally. We ate, we danced, we snacked, we
danced – I think we managed to dance all the extra calories off.

Thus, by the time Saturday evening rolled around, we were
chauffeured up to San Francisco to dance at Al Masri Egyptian
restaurant. That night we enjoyed tasty Egyptian meals and not
only had the opportunity to perform and have our photos taken
by Carl; but we enjoyed special performances by some local dance
teachers Dhyanis and Dasha, Ma*Shuqa’s students Marquisa
Benton and Nyla Crystal, and the well-known author Sherifa Zuhur
PhD who lived and danced in Cairo, Egypt.

Quotes from some retreat attendees:
 “I've been listening to my Arabic music CDs and noticing the
patterns, and I'm amazed by how easy it is to predict when
the riffs will change. This is going to make improvisation so
much easier!
 I've been taking dance classes for a long time, yet I learned so
much information that "pulls this dance together" as a
performance art form.
 Wow, at this retreat I realized that my body and movement
styling is different from my teachers. Ma*Shuqa's instruction
gave me feedback about my own personal movement styling
and with her Ma*Shuqa Method - I feel released from the
difficulties I encountered in attempting to fit my personal
movement style into the dance troupe structured movement
styling. Now I can experience this dance in a different way
and feel re-energized to enjoy dancing even more.
 It was incredible to watch our performances on video and see
the difference in our movement styling and musical
interpretation as a result of what we learned in the Intensive
Retreat with Ma*Shuqa.

The weekend retreat was an interactive and relaxing way to learn
so much from Ma*Shuqa. Learning about the Arabic maqams
which are often not taught by many dance instructors, the
rhythms and drum solo technique, and new tricks with the veil
gave us confidence in our solo performing. She imparted a
lifetime of knowledge and teaching skills. The retreat was an
opportunity for a fresh approach to my almost 20 years of dance

experience. Yes, a lot was covered and she inspired me to come
back for more. Spending three days and evenings in her garden studio
setting to focus on music and dance was a wonderful way to
escape the stress and realities of the outside world.

Good idea to start planning now for the June 24 – 26, 2016 retreat
and securing a place in this attendance limited special experience.
Ma*Shuqa, who in her other professional career worked with
NASA interns, offers an internship scholarship opportunity. For
more information on the Intensive Retreat and the internship
scholarship see www.MaShuqa.com

Author Bio
Beth Bethsheba Hunning has been dancing for 19 years. She
performs both solo and with the troupe. Now a member of troupe
Zia! and was with Troupe Ala Nar for may years, Sherry Brier’s
troupes based in Corte Madera, CA. Bethsheba started dancing
initially to help myself recover from head trauma. The more she
dances, the more she discovers there is to learn.


Comments from the 2015 Retreat Participants